Westside Future Fund

ACP is backing efforts to revitalize the historic Westside neighborhoods through the creation of a philanthropic nonprofit, the Westside Future Fund. The challenges of concentrated poverty and disinvestment in residential properties make coordinated revitalization in this area particularly challenging. The ACP wants this fund to ensure that fifteen years from now, the lives of the people who live in the Westside today are fundamentally better because of improvements in the neighborhood’s educational and economic opportunities.


Spearheaded by Doug Hertz (President, United Distributors) and Dan Halpern (President/CEO, Jackmont Hospitality), the ACP Westside task force’s goal is to use private philanthropy dollars to improve economic conditions in English Avenue, Vine City, the Atlanta University Center area, Ashview Heights, and parts of Castleberry Hill through coordinated efforts with nonprofits and city agencies. One of the goals of the organization would be to return 400+ vacant, abandoned, and dilapidated properties back to productive uses, such as affordable and market rate housing, businesses, parks, and community centers.


Key ACP Members

Daniel Halpern graphic

Daniel Halpern

President & CEO

Jackmont Hospitality

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Doug Hertz


United Distributors

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Penelope McPhee


The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation