A Partnership for Progress in Atlanta

Working shoulder to shoulder with the Mayor of Atlanta, the ACP seeks solutions to critical issues facing our city. Our coalition of business, university, and philanthropic leaders identifies and leverages leadership to jump-start transformational initiatives and then spins them off to operate independently.



High Priority Initiatives


The ACP supports Mayor Reed’s efforts to provide entrepreneurs with capital and talent to fuel the start-up community.

Upgrading City Infrastructure

The ACP offers private sector advice on best practices for road, building, and technology infrastructure to keep Atlanta competitive in the 21st century.

Westside Future Fund

The ACP backs coordinated efforts to revitalize the historic Westside neighborhoods and improve the lives of the area’s existing and future residents.

About ACP

Through its high governance vantage point, the ACP is able to drive integration across public and private entities involved in economic development. The group brings a business approach to all initiatives with sound planning and objective ROI metrics to capture tangible results.

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Our Leadership

Kasim Reed



City of Atlanta

John Dyer


President & CEO
Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Larry L. Gellerstedt III

Vice Chair

President & CEO
Cousins Properties, Inc.